Ryan Charles is a
Jiggy Buckaroo

Bringing the best of the west to the rest

Ryan Charles is a Wyoming made, Nashville based western rap musician. He reshouses elements of the country world in a decidedly hip-hop sound. Ryan makes music for people to have fun; his upbeat sound and lighthearted topics makes for good music to get down to. Our goal was to make music videos that pair western imagery with his entertaining personality.

Spreading the brand of the Jiggy Buckaroo

Since spring of 2020, we’ve brought four different Ryan Charles music videos to life. Each music video has its own visual style, made distinct to represent the feeling or content of each song. The aim of the first wave of videos was to introduce the feeling of getting western: where you come from is important, but we are here to have fun.

Return of the Cowboy Era

The vast swaths of rolling hills and beautiful mountains made for the perfect backdrop for Gettin’ Western ft. EP, which was filmed on a ranch in Wyoming. From the wardrobe to the props, the video draws from the western cowboy era. Even with themes of lawlessness and bank robbing, a fun and light hearted tone is maintained through comedic and non-serious visual gags, like stuffed pillowcases with crude dollar signs drawn on make cartoonish money bags or a traditional gunslinging duel between Ryan and EP where every shot misses.

The whole country is about to get western

Ryan Charles was chosen to represent the state of Wyoming on Season 1 of the new NBC show, “American Song Contest,” with his song New Boot Goofin’. We collaborated with Hometeam to showcase Ryan’s personality and home state for his background story on the show.