Music Video

New Boot Goofin: A Ryan Charles Music Video

Music Video

New Boot Goofin: A Ryan Charles Music Video

Behind the scenes of New Boot Goofin: Simple, fun, and a million YouTube views.
Feb 18, 2024

In creating the music video for "New Boot Goofin'," Director Michael Graef and musical artist Ryan Charles employed a straightforward yet effective run-and-gun video production strategy. Their collaborative history, having previously produced works like "Gettin' Western" and “Think I’m Famous,” laid a solid foundation for this project. This video was all about encapsulating the feeling you get when sporting a new pair of boots.

Ryan Charles is known for his unique blend of country and rap, a style that garnered him national attention on NBC's "American Song Contest" with the catchy "New Boot Goofin'." The song itself is a celebration of the simple pleasure found in a new pair of boots.

Shot in two days, the production relied on a minimalistic approach, with a crew of just two, Kent Johns and Michael Graef, and significant support from friends and family for resources ranging from filming locations to extras. This grassroots method of filmmaking was instrumental in capturing the authentic essence of the song.

Filming took place across various locations in Wyoming, including a memorable scene at the "ReRide" store, showcasing an array of boots that later inspired aspects of the set decoration for Charles's appearance on the "American Song Contest." 

This music video stands as a testament to grassroots collaboration and resourcefulness. "New Boot Goofin'" not only highlights Charles's distinctive musical style but also showcases the collective effort of a community coming together to create something that resonates with a broad audience. 

Nothing about Ryan Charles is canned - he’s the real deal. In this video, there weren’t any fancy sets or high dollar lighting packages - just what was available. 

By maintaining a humble approach, Graef and Charles have delivered a music video that's not just about the fun of wearing new boots but also about the importance of staying true to one's roots. New Boot Goofin’ has gone on to receive over a million views on YouTube.

Watch the full video:

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