Athletic Poetry: Self Expression and Sport


Athletic Poetry: Self Expression and Sport

Diving into a unique collaboration in Missoula, showcasing local athletes' stories through the lens of creativity and sport.
Feb 19, 2024

Inspired by the idea of showcasing local talent and the power of self expression, we embarked on creating a couple of spec ads. These weren't about big brands or global campaigns; they were about getting together with friends, Sterling and Amelu, two Missoula area athletes with a knack for writing and poetry, and bringing their stories to life through film.

The Idea Behind the Project

Directed by Lane Brown, this project was all about simplicity and authenticity. We asked Sterling and Amelu to share their experiences with sports - not just the physical aspect - but how it intertwines with their identity and creativity. The aim was straightforward: capture the essence of their stories in a way that feels genuine and relatable.

Amelu: Running and Writing

Amelu's story is about the synergy between her running and her poetry. It's fascinating how she finds parallels between the two, describing running as a form of self-expression that's as fluid and dynamic as writing. Her perspective offers a fresh take on what it means to be an athlete and an artist, showing that the lines between physical and creative pursuits are often more blurred than we think.

Sterling: From Track to Cycling

Sterling's shift from running to cycling is a journey of self-discovery and determination. His story highlights the challenges and rewards of pursuing a passion, especially in a place where professional athletes are a rare breed. Through his words, we get a glimpse of the sheer willpower it takes to chase after a dream that's a bit unconventional but entirely his own.

Crafting the Videos

Creating these videos was a fun challenge. We wanted the visuals to complement their narratives, capturing moments of reflection, training, and the natural beauty of Missoula. The process was a mix of planning and spontaneity, allowing us to experiment with different ways to tell their stories. It was a collaborative effort, with plenty of input from Sterling and Amelu, ensuring that the end result felt true to their experiences.

A Look Back

What we've created isn't just a set of ads; it's a snapshot of a moment in time, of friends coming together to make something they're proud of. It's not about changing the world but about sharing a bit of what makes these two individuals unique and how they see the world through their sports and their words.

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